Tool-room & Mould Toolmaking


We have an extensive in-house tool-room, integrated within our total manufacturing operation.

Equipped with the latest technology and staffed by experienced mould toolmakers, our tool-room ensures optimum tool availability, on-time production to plan and high service levels for every customer.

We maintain comprehensive tool maintenance programmes, based on sophisticated preventative maintenance techniques. In the event of tool breaks we carry out rapid repairs, while tooling modifications, based on customers’ requests or improvements suggested by our business improvement and engineering teams, can be implemented quickly and efficiently.

Every tool is tracked through its life on our tooling database. This enables data on modifications, repairs and tool work to be captured and interrogated, enabling us to identify areas for continuous improvement.

tool-room and mould toolmaking
Plastic injection moulding company
plastic injection moulding company


Our tool-room is fully equipped with subtractive metal technologies (EDM, EDM wire cut, CNC milling, grinding and turning), which are extended still further with the latest hybrid metal additive and high speed machining systems.

This capability allows us to manufacture new tools faster and more efficiently. As a result we can minimise lead-times and engineer features such as conformal cooling into cores and cavities.

Conformal cooling produces even higher quality parts, which are free from distortion and run correctly first time, enhancing compression of your time to market. Conformal cooling also means faster cycle times from tools and hence greater output at reduced cost.

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