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We offer a comprehensive choice of plastic injection moulding services. These range from project concept and tooling design, through prototyping and tooling manufacture, to high and low volume injection moulding, part assembly, testing, packaging and delivery.

We are able to injection mould parts in many different materials, including nylon, acrylic, polycarbonate, ABS, polypropylene and polyethylene, plus a wide range of exotic materials with specific properties such as EMC, RFI and anti-microbial protection.

With almost 60 years of experience in plastic injection moulding for customers throughout industry, we have the knowledge, skills and resources to meet the toughest of challenges.


Along with conventional injection moulding for small and large parts, in low and high volumes, we also offer a number of specialised injection moulding options. These include over-moulding and insert moulding, cleanroom moulding and 2K/3K injection moulding.
Overmoulding & Insert Moulding


Add additional functionality to a product, such as enhanced tactile feel or aesthetic appearance, with rubber over plastic or metal, plastic over metal and rubber over plastic.
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We provide cleanroom moulding operations within a Class 7/10,000 cleanroom for high-sensitivity moulded components. We are accredited to ISO9001 and ISO13485.

Plastic Injection Moulders


We use multi-shot injection moulding, with two or more materials being injected into the same mould to create multiple colours, transparency or physical properties.

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Our design and application support team has considerable experience and is here to work with you to ensure that your product or component is moulded precisely to specification. Services include design for manufacture, advice on part modifications to improve the performance, quality or speed of manufacture, plus tooling production and the modification of existing tooling.

We also provide a full prototyping service, with the goal of ensuring every injection moulding is manufactured to the highest level of quality, while being fit for purpose and within the part-price requirement. To improve this process still further, we have inhouse additive manufacturing systems, capable of producing or modifying injection mould tool inserts quickly and accurately. This allows us to offer a rapid production and prototyping service.

How we ensured the successful launch of a high quality critical assembly for our customer

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DFM and MOST create hermetic seals in injection moulding

The project involved DFM and DFMA consultancy in conjunction with our customer to produce the part designs and mould tooling to ensure the successful launch of this highly quality critical assembly.


Our investment in the latest and most advanced injection moulding and robotic automation systems means that we have the capacity to handle all types of injection moulding requirements, from low to high volume, small components to large mouldings.

Just as importantly, the wide range of different systems that we use, from manufacturers such as Krauss Maffei and Arburg, with options such as triple-shot and over-moulding, and cleanroom production, enable us to offer an extremely responsive and flexible service, to meet the most demanding requirements. Our injection moulding capability also includes fully automated in-process assembly, inspection and packing systems, regardless of production volumes – low or high.

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Plastic injection moulding is a universal manufacturing technique that can produce many different types of parts or components. These can be produced economically in large volumes and at high speeds, often at rates that are expressed in terms of tens of thousands of parts per hour. Injection moulding is capable of producing parts from a variety of thermosetting and thermoplastic resins.

Choosing to use plastic injection moulding

When the time comes to design a new product it’s always important to select the best manufacturing method. As evidenced by the proliferation in use of plastic parts, injection moulding has become the most popular method of producing precision parts in large volumes.

How does a plastic injection moulding machine work?

Before we answer that question, let’s take a broader look at the industrial uses of plastic injection moulding. It has become an important tool in the manufacture of an extraordinarily wide range of components.

Choosing appropriate materials for plastic injection moulding

You have decided that injection moulding is the way you intend to manufacture your components; but you now face a choice as to which polymer or combination of polymers is best suited to your needs.

Plastic injection moulding company

If you would like to find out more about the injection moulding process, please visit the British Plastics Federation website.

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